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I'm Angie. 

Let's connect. Why? Because building bridges is better when you do it together.



A colleague once said to me, "Angie, you build bridges." I didn't think much of it at the time, but looking back, I realize how true that statement was. 
Communication is bridging gaps, creating conversations and establishing lasting connections. As a passionate communications specialist, I've built sturdy bridges between clients and creatives, executives and teams, consultants and developers. Wooden frameworks of collaboration between new leads and long-time partners were erected and maintained. Parallel strategy overpasses were elegantly designed. Some bridges took unconventional forms, linking creative concepts with budgets and timelines. Steady stone bridges of professional relationships with management were solidified. Lastly, delicate suspension bridges, like safety nets, were carefully assembled during crises.

With LAROO, I intend to utilize my bridge-building skills, uniting marcom universe experts: creative agencies, corporate communication teams, freelancers – designers, writers, developers – united by a shared passion for marketing communications, branding, and advertising. Ultimately, our mission revolves around seizing opportunities and crafting new paths. What better approach than collectively constructing bridges as a team to achieve our goals?




Imagine us in a meeting, your office or a café. You share your ideas, thoughts, vision for your next communications endeavor. I listen intently, ready to dive in with questions – lots of them! Because delving deeper will bring us closer to recognizing the suitable solution for your goals.



I am passionate about strategy, but I value practicality just as much. Why? Well, because theoretical concepts are only useful when they translate into action. Likewise, I prioritize clear communication over buzzwords, aiming to connect with you and your clients at eye level. Always.



Options are great, right? When dealing with communication challenges, there are always multiple solutions at hand. Choose what suits you best! If you're uncertain, I'll walk you through each option's pros and cons, and will support you to make an informed decision.



Honesty is huge for me. I'm not about blunt harshness, but I am about open, considerate, and transparent communication. If things seem off-course, I will let you know, even if it isn't what you want to hear. No need to worry – I am m 100% solution driven. There is always a way.



In a perfect world, marcom would blend amazing concepts with solid strategies. Budgets have no limits and we would know everything about our audiences. In reality, we work to develop the best-fit solution according to your specific needs and cirumstances and making it a success.



20 years of experience in agencies and corporate comms teams have given me a wide array of working tools and methods. More importantly, they taught me that no universal fix exists. My approach? Get into the nitty-gritty of your communications plans and customize my advice accordingly. 


since 2022

Founder • LAROO • Angela Roos

since 2021

Strategy and Project Development • Gruber & Ianeselli AG

since 2021

Communications Consultant  Linkgroup AG

2017 to 2021

Head of Marketing Communications for Continuing Education and Services • Zurich University of Teacher Education

2016 to 2017

Account Director • Reach Partners AG

2013 to 2016

Editorial Team Lead and PR-Officer • University Hospital Basel

2007 to 2013

2006 to 2007

2004 to 2006

Communications consulting, strategic support and account direction for freelance creatives and start-ups, as well as select agencies. Sectors: Education, real estate, IT, creative industry.

Strategic consulting and account direction/project management for various projects. Sectors: Energy, finance, hospitality, IT, insurance, pharma/healthcare, real estate.

Strategic consulting, content concepts, co-creation workshop facilitator also in the the context of new business acquisition

Sectors: Finance, R&D, real estate.

Creation and implementation of the prorecotrate's marcom strategy. Management advisor in regard to marcom, crisis and CEO-communication for prorector. Team lead of departmental marcom specialists. Lead of interdepartmental and university-wide projects. Member of the editorial boards, editorial contributions for in-house publications.

Strategic consulting for branding, websites, editorial design projects. Presentations, project management. Sectors: Automotive, retail, pharma/healthcare, aviation, insurance.

Editorial management for all corporate comm channels. Personnel management of the four-person editorial team. Advisor to head of marketing communications and internal stakeholders. Project lead of hospital-wide projects such as annual report, navigation app, intranet and website relaunch projects. Concept and implementation of various marcom measures, eg. campagins, branding, events. 

Account Director • Kreisvier Communications AG

Account Director • TBWA Health AG

Account Executive  • Antwerpes und Partner AG

Education and Award

• Award: PH Zürich Förderpreis der Lehre, Raumkonzept und -ausstattung für Design-Thinking- und Lernateliers (2019)

• Master of Arts: Digital Media Studies, University of Denver (2004)

• Bachelor of Science: Communications and Psychology, New York University (2001)

• CAS: Marketingcommunications, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (2010)

• Certificates: Sustainable Business Strategy (2021), Nutritional Consulting for Children (2015), Website Design (2002)


LAROO • Zentralstrasse 7

8003 Zurich, Switzerland

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Thanks for connecting!

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